Accretia is one of the first firms to the blockchain table.  Accretia has roots in mining for both Bitcoin, and Ethereum blockchains.  Our state of the art algorithms play a key role in our success.  By trading multiple assets at a high frequency we offer a unique placement in asset settlement.  We are capable of providing low prices, high liquidity, and can help move into assets that are not common in this space.  It is because of this flexibility that our swaps are some of the most valuable in this emerging market.

The enforcement of our contracts are done on the ethereum network.  This creates a very strict rule enforcement, not subject to any human factors.  Our interface is expanding, along with our Information Systems to help analyze and track the different features and services we offer.  We are always moving forward and in time, we will be able to bring these different facets of ownership into every members home.

Why Us?

  • Early adoption
  • State of the Art Algorithms
  • Lowest cost of entry
  • Strict Rules Enforcement
  • Expanding Interface
  • Multiple Asset Hedging
  • Updated Regularly

Early Adoption

Accretia is one of the first registered finCEN registered money services business in the cryptocurrency space.

State of the Art Algorithms

Our swap algorithms allow for unprecedented exposure to multiple assets in high frequency, giving us a solution to the risks of multi-party settlement in cryptocurrency networks.

Lowest Cost of Entry

Accretia offers hardware installation and management in the cryptocurrency mining field.  We own the hardware, and all of the risk.  We pay the space owner for their electricity - and in turn make residential solar, a cash creating opportunity.

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Strict Rules Enforcement

Accretia's algorithms are enforced on the Ethereum network.  A global distributed and decentralized network capable of enforcing programmable rule-sets via irreversible code.  Accretias rule-sets are enforced in realtime without second party interference or decision making.

Expanding Interface

Between our real-time settlement algorithms, and our single node-hardware installation - Accretia has designed a software solution that allows the tracking, and analysis of its information systems.

Multiple Asset Hedging

Accretia offers exposure to cryptocurrency with constant hedging and insured investment in Silver, and Gold - while maintaining a diverse cryptocurrency portfolio.

Accretia is redefining personal finance

The time has come to make personal finance,personable.  Our vision is to bring what was once advanced financial industry tools into the homes of millions of people - and create a system designed for finance to be personal again.


Our public communications and SEC filings may contain "forward-looking statements" – that is, statements related to future, not past, events. In this context, forward-looking statements often address our expected future business and financial performance and financial condition, and often contain words such as "expect," "anticipate," "intend," "plan," "believe," "seek," "see," "will," "would," or "target."

Forward-looking statements by their nature address matters that are, to different degrees, uncertain, such as statements about our announced plan to hedge our portfolio with precious metal holdings, including expected cash and non-cash charges associated with this plan and earnings per token of ACCRETIA Trust's retained businesses and investments (Verticals); expected income; earnings per token; revenues; organic growth; growth and productivity associated with our Digital business; margins; cost structure; restructuring charges; acquisition-related synergies; cash flows; return on capital; capital expenditures, capital allocation or capital structure; dividends; and the split between total Hardware appreciation, or depreciation, and Capital earnings.